How to change a broken cooker or oven door glass panel?

Step 1: Take safety precautions to remove your glass   


CAUTION : Always wear gloves for greater safety.


Start by unplugging your oven. If this is not possible, or if you do not know how to, you can also switch off your electricity meter.

Make sure you clear a table or a work surface to work safely.   


Step 2: Remove the broken oven door glass  


Carefully open the door. If necessary, hoover up any shards of glass that could lead to injury or block the door mechanism. 

If your oven allows it, you can simply unscrew the metal frame around the glass before removing it. For other models, unscrew the door and release the hinges by holding the door on either side to proceed. 

Place the door on a flat surface: the work surface you cleared earlier. 

Remove the retaining screws and carefully remove the glass.

If necessary, take the time to hoover up any further shards of glass that may be present around and inside your oven to make sure no glass residue remains.  


Step 3: Measure you oven glass


If your door glass is just cracked or in a suitable condition, measuring the glass itself is the best way.  Enter these measurements directly into our calculator.

If this is not possible, measure the position of the door glass inside the door and subsract 3mm from each side.  

For example, if you measure 500m x 300mm, order for 497 x 297 mm 


Step 4 : Reassemble your oven glass door


Carefully replace the glass. To reassemble the glass, simply follow the same steps as for disassembly, in reverse order.

BE CAREFUL : The retaining screws must hold the glass in place. Be careful not to apply too much tightening pressure. 


That’s it ! You now have a new oven door glass panel.